Key Monastery – The Iconic Landmark Of The Spiti Valley In Photos

One of the most iconic landmarks of Spiti, the Key Monastery is located at an altitude of 4166 metres. The Monastery is located close to the Spiti river around 15 kms from the district centre of Kaza.

I visited this monastery in October 2018 on a solo bike ride to Spiti from Delhi when I covered Theog, Kalpa, Tabo, Kaza, Langza, Komic and Hikkim before heading to Key.

Here’s my journey to the picturesque Key Monastery in pictures:

I started my trip to Key Monastery from Kaza in the morning.

The Monastery at Kaza

The route between Kaza and Key Monastery is a beautiful stretch of metalled road that goes along the Spiti River.

Rangdum Village as seen from the Kaza – Key Monastery Road
Roads with breath taking views of snow laden peaks
Approaching the Key Village

You need to cross the Key Village and move a little further ahead and take a turn towards the road to Key Monastery.

View of the Key Monastery from Key Village

Road to the Key Monastery after the Key Village

Roads Towards the Key Monastery

The Key Gompa
Another shot of this place
The Monastery is undoubtedly a must visit for the photographers
The road towards Kibber and Chicham from Kaza
View of the Key Village from Monastery
One of the several scintillating views from the Monastery
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